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Note: Extraterrestrial #2 is essentially the same as Extraterrestrial #1 except that the eyes are folded differently. For this reason it is best to fold Extraterrestrial #1 to familiarize yourself with the steps before attempting to fold Extraterrestrial #2.
Brooklyn Origami - Extraterrestrial 2 EXTRATERRESTRIAL #2

[1] Use standard origami paper. Start with the white side up and fold the paper according to steps 1 to 14 of Extraterrestrial #1.

Brooklyn Origami - Extraterrestrial 2
[2] Fold the top layer of triangle CAB down as shown to create a triangular flap. The space above and below the triangular flap should be equal. See step 3 to see how the model should look once this step has been completed.

Brooklyn Origami - Extraterrestrial II
[3] This is how the model should look after step 2 has been completed. Note that line CX (the space above the triangular flap) and line YB (the space below the triangular flap) are roughly equal. For step 3, fold the triangular flap back up.

Brooklyn Origami - Extraterrestrial II
[4] Pull point X down and to the side as shown. The triangular flap will spread open; you then flatten it to form a square. Figures 4a to 4c show you how to do this.